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I hope you enjoy it!

I decided to create a blog to document my journey from being a paralegal to getting into law school. I want to classify it as a lifestyle blog but I know it is so much more. Although I want to talk mainly about education and the importance of it when you are a woman and even more so when your a minority. I also want it to be a fun outlet where there is free conversation and debate.

I want to talk about my experiences while attending paralegal school. I want to talk about the LSAT preparation where I am currently in the middle of preparing for. I want to take my exam in October 2017. That leaves me roughly 9 and a half months to prepare. I also want to talk about my experience with TEST-MASTERS.

I want to talk about books and have a Book Review every month. My goal is to read 12 books for 2017.┬áBut enough talking this is just the beginning. My goal is to be encouraging to my fellow chica’s.




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