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When choosing a company that would help me with my LSAT Prep, there were many factors that came into play. Location, Price, Reputation and Results were what mattered to me the most.


Before I chose a testing company I had done tons of research before and Test Masters is what stood out to me based on the four factors I mentioned earlier.

Location-It was close enough that I can leave right after work and go directly to class and still get there in plenty of time.

Price-It was affordable and could pay cash without taking out a loan or have my dad help me. I was able to pay it  all at once out of my pay check. At the time I had a decent job and was making good money.

Reputation-I had done tons of research and compared what other students were saying. I read blogs, different  testing companies. Test Masters was the only school that gave me everything I was looking for. I had studied with Kaplan before and nothing compared to my time with Test Masters. Kaplan and Testmasters were night and day and I learned a lot more with Test Masters.

The awesome thing about Test Masters is I can get individual tutoring at a reduce price because I was a student before. If I ever need to brush up on anything I can just get private tutoring. I really like that option because now I will be embarking on studying my by myself for the next year. I might need some help along the way.

Results- I have not retaken my LSAT test yet. To be honest I plan on studying for another year with all the Books I got from Test Masters and might take individual classes again on a one-to-one setting.  I also want my current score to expire and it is set to expire in December.

The other thing I really like about Test Masters was the class was small. There were 15 in my class. It was great for question and answer sessions.

I will be updating you all as time goes on and my studying journey.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.




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