Good Morning,

Today is going to be a good day!

First because it is Saturday!!
Saturday’s are awesome!

I haven’t posted in a bit, still working on my Vision Board. The Vision Board ended up with a totally different look and so I am trying to put it all together. The Vision Board is going to look Epic when it is done. Hopefully this month I can take pictures of it and show you all.

My Valentines was good. What is funny about Valentine’s Day is I have never had a boyfriend on Valentines Day. Every relationship I been on has either ended before Valentines Day or started after. It is funny to me now and I kind of like it and I now want it to be like that until I meet my one and only. It would be great to share that with my last love. Wouldn’t it? So now I am trying my best to keep it like that until he decides to show up. Lol!

This year,

I have decided to stay single and just take a break from all the dating. I want to focus on my goals and just enjoy myself. Continue to work on myself. I am always a work in progress. I am also liking my single life. Dating is so exhausting! I al
so suck at dating because I don’t like small talk. It is either all in or not with me. I am no in between.

Speaking of which I met a new female friend. I basically have none in this city and it is so boring. So for the heck of it I made an Ad on Craigslist looking for platonic female friends. My dad thinks I am crazy…well I got a couple of emails but this one email caught my eye….and we met on Wednesday. We hit it off and she is really cool and basically we have tons in common. I really like her. We met at the Chocolate Bar here in Houston. Holy Crap that place is awesome and now I want to go back. There frozen hot chocolate is very yummy and I been dreaming of it ever since. We then went to the movie theater.

We saw Hidden Figures…very good movie. Those actresses and actors deserve every award. It is a very good movie.

Next Friday we are going to hang out again. Can’t Wait!

I been working on my goals…

Especially the working out one. I been going to my gym and doing the treadmill, swimming and also using the hot tub for my back issues.  I am actually about to head that way right now. Gotta work on my eating issues also. I was doing so good eating right but this year has been bad. Anyway’s that is life lately.

A New Series…..

A new Series will be starting on my blog depending on how many I can get to agree to interview. The legal field is a tough field to break into especially if you have no experience. Couple that with no education and you are out of luck.

I have two so far but that is not nearly enough. So if you are in the legal field and do not have a job or maybe you have a job but it took awhile for you to find one. Please email me! If you are worried about retribution, I can hide your identity no problem. I respect that.

I just want to get this problem out there that clearly exists but nothing is being done about it. Also it is not being talked about either. That drives me insane because I think this is something that needs to be talked about. It needs to be put out there because that is the only way to change things. I have a few reasons why it is hard to find a legal job but that will be for another blog post.

Peace- Valencia

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